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Thank you for your registration and welcome to the "Making The Best Of The Wait In Your Season of Singleness" Course.

Through 6.5 hours of teaching and biblical application you will learn how to:

  • Understand the importance of waiting with God and remaining in His will through realignment of your relationship goals
  • Identify God’s purpose for the wait and how he will use the wait to mold you for His purpose
  • Identify the hindrances that keep you from pursuing God over pursuing relationships
  • Strategize in order to develop and improve your relationship with God

This course if made up of four (4) modules:

  1. Module #1: Setting Relationship Goals according to God’s plan for your life. We will first look at relationship goals and how they are sometimes out of whack and can cause us to pursue the wrong things rather than God.
  2. Module #2: God’s Purpose For the Wait according to the Scriptures. You will gain a clear understanding of what the wait is and what God will do for you as you wait. You will gain insight of the elevation process as outlined in Isaiah 40:31. We will also address the importance of Remaining Pure in every area of your life will be discussed as an important part of walking in God’s perfect will for your life.
  3. Module #3: Uncovering Hindrances which prevent you from becoming a whole person in God. Dealing with the roots of the past which prevent you from becoming one with God and developing your own deliverance plan.
  4. Module #4: Becoming A True Worshiper as a means allowing God to have His way in your life. This module will focus on key steps to developing your relationship with God. You will gain insight into how you can  become God’s bride as He is your Bridegroom. You will also learn how to place your eyes on God as the no.1 priority in your life.


What Will You Need For The Class?


  1. Take the FREE 4-Day Email Course: Exploring Why God Wants You To Wait After A Breakup
  2. Commitment to becoming all that God has called you to be and an open mind to know what God wants from a single man or woman
  3. No prior experience is required. All you need to bring along is you, a pen or pencil and a notebook
  4. Recommended Text: God’s Purpose For The Wait: Restarting Life With God After A Breakup
  5. A notepad & a pen/pencil


 Download The Wait Workbook


Module #1: Setting Relationship Goals


Module #2: God’s Purpose For the Wait


Module #3: Uncovering Hindrances


Module #4: Becoming A True Worshiper


Claim Your Certificate of Course Completion

Complete the final assignment outlined in Module #4  and submit to tutor via email: Once completed you will receive your certificate of course completion.