"What I have learned from the sessions conducted is that I am strong and fierce as a lion, with grace, intelligence and authority. It has helped me to emerge from my shell or comfort zone. It played a major role in the fact that I was able to later perform on stage. On Saturday, October 20 I did not organize only one skit but  I was able to organized five skits for five of the seven calypso singers who graced the stage at a calypso competition. The sessions truly helped me."

Kelvyn, Executive Members Barbados National Organization For The Disabled
I AM GREAT: 3-Day Workshop for The Disabled Community (August - September 2018)


"The session I encountered highlighted the power of testimony and its breakthrough to healing. I was mesmerized by how one's mistakes and messes can be such a blessing to others in need of encouragement. For when I attended, I was struggling with the idea of whether I should keep on trying despite failing continuously in any area dear to me. But when Vicki talked about the sheer persistence one needed to have in order to see change in one's life, I realized I shouldn't give up and that I should keep trusting in God. Additionally, I learnt that I should not be ashamed of my mistakes because they can be a gateway to someone else's success."

Naresa Williams (Student at the University of The West Indies, Cave HIll Campus in Barbados)
A Talk: "What God Required of Your IN These Times" (October 2018)


"Vicki is an expert in her field. Through her personal experience and knowledge it has equipped her to coach others and given them effective tools and resources to discover and develop the treasure, passion and business that lies within."

Nikkita Blackman
Digital Marketing Consultant (Barbados)
Individual Purpose Coaching Session (Divine Purpose Coaching)


"Vicki delivered an excellent presentation on becoming your own CEO. The seminar was engaging, made you think, allowed you to share. It was a blessing to be among positive persons who were all seeking to find their passion, embrace it, explore it and strive towards success."

Shelley Miller
Elevating you in 2017, December 2016


"I learnt that instead of thinking of helping others one by one I now think a charity based platform could work. More confident to go find the correct contacts instead of holding back thinking I'm going to be ripped off. God will make a way to put me in the path of persons who will be like minded."

Beverley Waithe
Elevating you in 2017, December 2016


"I was greatly impacted by this session. It was packed with valuable information and revelation knowledge. I'm definitely going to put all I have learnt into action in order to ensure my 2017 is my greatest year yet!"

Tammi Waithe
Elevating you in 2017, December 2016


"Good pointers and discussion! Prophetess Vicki will help you to recognize and embrace your God-given talents and gifts. Her motivational seminars will help you to overcome your doubts and fears and build on your purpose for success."

Melissa K. Browne
Elevating you in 2017, December 2016


"The Seminar was very informative and encouraging. Great presentation and interaction. This seminar has helped me tremendously in having a start to accomplish my goals and passions."

Samantha Williams
Elevating you in 2017, December 2016


"I truly enjoyed the session, learned a lot and motivated to update my marketing plan which is currently a shell. Vicki is committed to her craft which you can feel. I like that she is open to adding value, sharing with colleagues and helping persons where she can. There were practical/hands-on activities to better understand the content in order to apply to what you will need to do. Nice work...keep it up!"

Celia Collymore
Developing A Marketing Plan For The Business God Has Given You (April 2017)


"Effective Marketing solutions has provided me with exceptional service. From our first meeting where we were discussing the proposed services, I found that Vicki was able to understand my brand, "Feed the Passion", and what is it that we stand for. She was instrumental in the re-branding of our magazine. It was a pleasure working with Vicki and through her guided approach my business' brand has been elevated."

Business: www.feedthepassion.net, Client of Effective Marketing Solutions