Birthing The Purpose That God Has Placed In You - Audio Course

Are you ready to learn how you can identify your God-Given Purpose?


These four short modules provide you with key steps you must take in order to begin discovering the purpose for which God has created you. You will have a look at the definition of purpose, the process of discovery and building your purpose strategy.

God wants you to discover why he placed you on this earth. He wants Jeremiah 1:5 to become real in your life.



Through 45 minutes of teaching and biblical application you will learn how to:
  • Understand divine purpose
  • Understand the importance of the greatness mindset
  • Discover who you are
  • Begin the process of discovering your God-given purpose
  • Complete your purpose strategy map

Are you ready to start the journey of discovery?



  • Commitment to becoming all that God has called you to be and an open mind to discover what God has created you for.
  • No prior experience is required. All you need to bring along is you, a pen or pencil and a notebook
  • Recommended Followup Exercise: Experience The Journey of Purpose Discovery through the the 30 Week Devotional: Birthing The Purpose God Has Placed In You



Module 1: Introduction: Knowing You Were Created For A Purpose

Module 2: Discovering Your Divine Purpose

Module 3: Building Your Purpose Strategy

Module 4: Conclusion: Important Notes About Purpose

Included in this Course is: The Purpose Strategic Mapping Template

* Please note that there is no specific method or stipulated set of rules for discovering your divine purpose; however, what has been presented in this audio course represents a proven model used in Prophetess Vicki's to help her discover God's perfect will for her life and the purpose for which she has been created.


Investment: $5.99 USD