Meet Vicki The Brand Strategist

Vicki L. Otaruyina is an international speaker and author of 9 Christian books to date. Her latest work is Every Christian Author Must Begin Here; a book which reveals 10 Messages From God That Will Help You Become The Author He Created You To Be. This book will be published in October 2021.

In 2019 after writing 9 books, Vicki's brand  "Overcome & Soar (In Every Area of Your Life)" was birthed. This saw the beginning of a movement which today includes the establishment of the coaching brand, video series, online seminars, virtual talks, masterclasses, courses, a speaking brand and other projects that are now impacting lives around the world. All activities are designed to help person overcome and soar in every area of their lives.

Vicki is a certified purpose coach, CEO of Divine Purpose Coaching and the Chief Strategist of Effective Marketing Solutions. She is also the Editor-In-Chief of Divine Purpose Magazine, a movement designed to bridge the gap between persons and their God-given purpose.

With an MSc in Marketing and over 16 years of international experience in the field of strategic marketing, Vicki has created a strategic edge that sets her clients apart from the rest.

Vicki is a firm believer in the "blue ocean strategy" which outlines that competition is irrelevant in business and promotes the establishment of a differentiation strategy where one seeks to dominate and swim alone in uncharted waters. This strategy fuels her desire to help her clients pursue their uniqueness through discovering their peak potential and ultimately developing brands which promote their God-given purpose.

As a kingdom business woman, Vicki is able to share this strategy with her clients to help them build unique kingdom brands which communicate heaven's great message through their lives, ministries and/or business.

With her experience over the years and her knowledge gained through her MSc. Marketing and through her research studies, she is able to guide persons on how to develop outstanding and effective brands with long-lasting impact on the audiences they serve.