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Hi! I'm Vicki!

I help women unleash their inner strength and potential. I help them realize that no matter the storms they encounter in life, they can overcome.


Are you ready to live a more fulfilled life?

Do you want victory over shame and fear?

Where do you begin to live a successful and victorious life?

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Who is The MasterClass For?

For individuals who have not been able to walk in a fulfilled and victorious life because of shame and fear.

This FREE session will help you identify the roots of these emotions and provide you with strategies to be successful and live a purpose-driven life.
It will also help you develop the mindset of the overcomer who you were born to be.

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Living A Life of Freedom by Overcoming Shame & Fear 

This MasterClass Offers: 
  • Identifying the roots that have created the fruit of shame and fear in your life
  • Effective strategies for addressing and destroying the roots once and for all
  • Strategies to soar in every area of your life
  • Two hours of teaching and biblical application

Bonus Handouts:

  • Daily Overcomer Prayers & Scriptures
  • Daily Declarations For Victorious Living
Investment: $100 USD FREE

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Living A Life of Freedom by Overcoming Shame and Fear
The Ultimate Overcomer's MasterClass and it's FREE
With Prophetess Vicki L. Otaruyina

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Meet Vicki

Vicki L. Otaruyina is an international author of 9 books and speaker. She is helping women unleash their inner strength and potential; helping them realise that no matter the storms they encounter in life, they can overcome. Be it child loss, relationships, anxiety, depression, parental hurts, abortion, rape, broken homes or anything else that has caused them pain, Vicki shows them step by step how to discover their overcomer power and take advantage of the situations for their good.

Vicki is also building an army of young people through her teaching; training them to overcome insecurities, addictions, anxieties, inferiority complex and every other issue faced by young people and teenagers in the society. Helping them identify their true self; what they are created to do and their areas of strength.

Vicki is a guiding light to redefine you through her past experiences and training in order to make you the best version of who God has created you to be on earth.