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We all experience loss in our lives. Whether it's a person dear to us, a job, a business, or an investment, loss has a way of plunging us into a low place, but we are called to rise out of that to be even better than before.


Are you ready to see your losses in a new way?

Are you ready to develop new stratgies for flipping your losses into positive treasures?

Are you ready to create the life you want with every situation of loss rather than the loss create life for you?

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Ready to make real progress after loss?

Who is The MasterClass For?

For individuals who have have experienced any type of loss in any area of life; personally or professionally.

This session will help you understand the negative and positive power of loss and how you can strategize in order to flip the switch on loss and turn every loss into a positive situation of gain which make a better version of yourself every time.

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Turning every loss into a gain

This MasterClass Offers: 

  • A close look at "loss" AND ITS POWER
  • What it looks like to take control to shift the negative power of loss
  • How to adopt the process of loss to gain in every area of your life
  • 1.5  hours of teaching and biblical application

When is the MasterClass Happening:

Saturday, June 29 @ 11 AM EST (Sign up below)


Bonus Handouts:

  • Loss To Gain Strategy Template
Investment: $100 USD FREE

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