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Living A Life of Freedom by Overcoming Shame & Fear


Welcome to the "Living A Life of Freedom by Overcoming Shame & Fear Masterclass".
Over the years shame & fear has prevented me from achieving great things in life. Shame of my past and fear of what others would say chained me, but as soon as my eyes were opened to how these things were affecting me and how God could help me, things started to change.

Through God's power and His word, He has given me the strategies to overcome and today I am enjoying my life of freedom as I walk in the boldness on my road of divine purpose.

Today I want to share with you the truths that I have learned and the strategies that God has taught me, so that you too can enjoy this freedom in God.

In this masterclass, we'll cover:
Lesson #1: Understanding The Devil's Trick
Lesson #2: Learning How To Uncover The Hidden Roots of Shame & Fear
Lesson #3: Transforming Your Mindset To See & Acknowledge The Real Problems
Lesson #4: Positioning Yourself To Allow God To Create Your Life of Freedom
What Will You Need For The Class?
1. Your Masterclass Workbook which will be emailed to you on Friday, June 19, 2020. See below!
2. Last of Self Efficacy Case Study . See below!
3. A notepad & a pen/pencil


Click the video below and enter the password: overcomer20 in order to view the masterclass.