On September 15, 2013 Bishop T.D. Jakes said it like this, “when you hold on to your history, you do it at the expense of your destiny“. He stood on Oprah’s Lifeclass stage and revealed one of the greatest truths in the journey of life. He went on to say that if we spend so much energy on where we have been, then we won’t have “the fuel, the fire and the tenacity and the aggression that you need to energize where you are going“.

I have realized over time that the past can become a burden; a heavy weight that holds us back from achieving and becoming who were are really called to be. As we continue to look back at what happened to us in the past and what did not go right and keep holding on to the hurt, then we can’t give 100% effort to be everything that God has called us to be.

I see so many women, day-after-day who are full of potential, but because their focus is still on the past, they are unable to work on their lives, mold the potential and become the greatest version of themselves. They walk around with the pain of the failed marriage, abusive relationships, rejection from parents, former sexual abuse and so much more, and then what? They achieve much in the workplace and some are financially secure, but they don’t have the capacity to see their greatness because their vision is clouded.

The history is a weight on your back, so DROP THE BAG.

Free yourself of the weight of the pain, the weight of unforgiveness so that you can position yourself to be the best version of yourself.

How do you do this? Seek help. There are counselors, coaches and ministers of the gospel that can walk you through that process. Make a decision today to DROP THE BAG so that you can pursue your peak potential and walk in your God-given destiny.

Click here to listen to the clip on Oprah’s Lifeclass.

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