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What's your next step in discovering who God has called you to be?


Making The Best Of The Wait In Your Season of Singleness

Investment: $39.99 USD $2.99 (LIMITED OFFER)
You will be taken through a mind-transforming and learning journey with Prophetess Vicki L. Otaruyina. By the end of the course you will have a clear understanding about why it is important to wait on God rather than to seek after relationships as a means of fulfillment.
In this 4-part (6.5 hours of teaching) course you will learn how to identify the real purpose for the single season and it will help you identify how you can walk in God’s purpose and look to God as the #1 priority instead of idolizing relationships and marriage.
You will learn God’s norm and how you can adopt His way in order to be prepared to walk in God’s purpose for your life, which may or may not include marriage.

Birthing The Purpose That God Has Placed In You

Investment: $5.99 USD

This audio course provide you with key steps you must take in order to begin discovering the purpose for which God has created you. You will have a look at the definition of purpose, the process of discovery and building your purpose strategy.

God wants you to discover why he placed you on this earth. He wants Jeremiah 1:5 to become real in your life.


Living A Life Of Freedom By Overcoming Shame & Fear

This masterclass is for individuals who have not been able to walk in a fulfilled and victorious life because of shame and fear.

This FREE session will help you identify the roots of these emotions and provide you with strategies to be successful and live a purpose-driven life.

It will also help you develop the mindset of the overcomer who you were born to be.


Exploring Why God Wants You To Wait After A Breakup

For four (4) days you will get an opportunity to prepare your mind and heart to understand four reasons why God wants you as a single man or woman to wait on Him.

This 4-day email course will help you understand why God wants you to wait after a break up. Everyday you will receive an email from Prophetess Vicki L. Otaruyina.

What attendees are saying about these courses:

tricia wiggins

I am extremely elated that I decided to take the course in Making The Best Of The Wait In Your Season of Singleness. The content of the course was rich and the weekly presentations were of high quality.  Prophetess did a very good job in delivering the information shared with clarity in order for us to understand.  She made sure she created that space for us to interact, give feedback or ask questions and I liked that.  I learnt so much and I would definitely be applying what I have learnt to my everyday life.  It was indeed much food thought and the course helped me to realign and shift my focus. After every class, the teachings provoked, inspired and challenged me in one form or the other.

tricia wiggins, barbados

Terrianne Charles-min
One of the biggest lessons I learned was i must deal with the root caused of my fears. I was truly blessed by this Master Class. It gave me a new perspective and it gave me tips on how to conquer fear and shame when they arise. It also taught me some of the weapons of warfare.


Shauna Bertrand

I have been in fear and shame from childhood because I grew up without out a father and experienced some childhood abuse, but today after attending the class I know that God is calling me to a life of change. He wants to renew my mind and keep me from the bondage from the past. He wants me to live my best life free from shame and fear. I will read the scriptures given and the pray point to help me.

Shauna Bertrand, Grenada