Books by Vicki

God has brought me through many trials, and on every occasion He has taught me some vital lessons and key overcomer strategies which I now share with others through my books.

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LIVE And Not Die: Your Loss Is Not The End; It's Just The Beginning

Have you experienced loss and need to find love, peace and joy in Jesus Christ?

LIVE And Not Die is a true story of transformation, from loss of a child to the gaining of Christ, His love, peace and joy. This book proves that we were created to live and not die, and to declare God's marvelous works.

God's Perfect Timing Back Cover - FINAL 6x9

God's Perfect Timing: Embracing God's Will For Your Life

Are you seeking to understand and embrace God's perfecting time?

God’s Perfect Timing teaches you about the importance of allowing God to take total control in your life. When you operate on God’s timing, you live according to His will; you allow Him to be the author of the what, the why, the when, the where and the how, of your life.

Spanish - Front Cover - FINAL-1

El Tiempo Perfecto de Dios: Abrazando La Voluntad de Dios Para Su Vida

¿Quiere entender el tiempo perfecto de Dios?

Este libro habla de la importancia de entender y posicionarse para El Tiempo Perfecto de Dios. Esto se puede hacer a través del desarrollo de una relación con el Espíritu Santo, dejando ir sus destinos creados por usted mismo y teniendo fe en Dios.

Front Cover - FINAL-1

Birthing The Purpose God Has Placed In You: 30-Week Devotional & Prayer Journal

Are you ready to do what it tales to birth the purpose of God in your life?

Way before you were born, God has planted a spiritual baby inside of you called PURPOSE. This devotional is for the woman or man who is ready to pursue God's divine calling upon their life.


God's Purpose For The Wait: Restarting Life With God After A Breakup

Are you ready to make the most of  the wait during your season of singleness?

God's Purpose For The Wait teaches that restarting life with God means that you are making a decision to wait on God. When you wait on God, you give Him permission to take total control in every area of your life. This is your time of change!


The Truth About Abortion: Overcoming The Devil's Trick With Christ

Are you ready to heal from the pain past abortion(s)?

The Truth About Abortion opens up your eyes to trick of the devil to destroy God's purpose in you. The boy offers key strategies on how you can overcome the spiritual, emotional and mental pain associated with abortion. It will place you in a position to overcome the past and move forward to soar in God's purpose for your life.

Time For A New Life

Time For A New Life: Turn To Jesus Christ This Time Around

Are you ready for a whole new life in Jesus Christ?

Are you ready to get out of the mental, emotional and even physical prison that you have ended up in because of the darkness and perversions of the world? This book will help you understand what God wants from you and how you can start a new, transformed and successful life through His son Jesus Christ.


Lessons From The Life Of Mary: A Great Woman Of Purpose

Seeking to learn from a real example of a woman from the Bible living on purpose for God?

Using the life of Mary as an example, this book highlights vital lessons on what it truly means to be a surrendered and purpose-driven woman or man.


Reaching Your Higher Level In God: 25 Spiritually Elevating Strategies

Are you ready to do what it takes to mature spiritually?

Your higher level in God is the position of spiritual maturity you reach when you do all that it takes to become more like Him every day. God requires that daily we pursue Him and His commands so that the glory of God can be seen working in us and through us to bring change in the world. This book outlines 25 different strategies which God has taught me over the years as a means of growing in Him spiritually.

War Prayers That Will destroy the plans of the devil for your life

War Prayers Inspired By The Psalms: Destroying The Plans Of The Devil According To Psalms 1-25

Seeking to take your prayer life to the next level with warfare prayers?

These 200 war prayers have been designed to help you conquer the devil and bring victory in every area of your life. Inspired by Psalms 1-25, as you pray, demonic strongholds will be destroyed.