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I empower Christian authors to discover and build their kingdom brand so that they can connect with and impact the audience that God has given them with Heaven's message.

Executing Your Kingdom Brand With Confidence For Global Impact

The Ultimate Christian Author Branding Course!

Did you know that your book is just the beginning of that executing the brand that God has given you?

Did you know that your book is just the foundation of a great kingdom message and brand that needs to be discovered and developed?

Did you know that inside of you there is a movement; an entire ecosystem that the world is waiting to source so that they can become who God has called them to be?

Did you know out of this ecosystem you could create a lucrative business using your book?

Did you know that every Christian author has been given a kingdom brand that has already been crafted by God?

Before you go any further, CLICK HERE to download THE CONCEPT OF A KINGDOM BRAND. This will help you understand where God wants to take you in this course.

Ready now to leverage the message that God has given you  in your book to make an explosive global impact?



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You will be taken through a mind-transforming and learning journey with Prophetess Vicki L. Otaruyina. By the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of your kingdom brand and how to effectively execute it as God's author.

Executing Your Kingdom Brand With Confidence For Global Impact will teach you how to:

  1. Identify your kingdom message
  2. Use your message to develop your kingdom brand
  3. Use your book as an integral element of your kingdom brand
  4. Create lucrative income sources and streams as an author
  5. Reach you audience with the life-transforming key message by developing marketing activities which will actively shape your brand.
  6. Build a movement out of the book that God has given you.
  7. Develop your speaker brand
  8. Become all that God has created you to be as a messenger of His word

When is the Course Happening:

Every Saturday, beginning Jan 29, 2022 @ 11 AM AST / 4 PM WAT (Sign up below)

Personal Investment

$899 USD

Access the registration form at the bottom of this page
(Please note that a payment plan is available - Email purposeacademy@vickiotaruyina.com for more information on the payment plan options)


This course is made up of five (5) modules delivered over a six (6)-week period:

Module 1:  Discover Your Kingdom Brand

Week 1

  • Understanding your AUTHOR.ITY & purpose as an author
  • Identifying your kingdom message based on the ministry God has given to you
  • Understanding your kingdom brand
  • Identifying the elements which make up a kingdom brand

Week 2

  • Identifying the mission & vision of your kingdom brand
  • Identifying your target audience/target reader and their needs
  • Analyzing your book as an integral element of your kingdom brand
  • Shaping the perception of Heaven's transformational power through your book


Module 2: Develop Your Kingdom Brand  (Develop Your Kingdom Ecosystem)

Week 3

  • Identifying your brand elements
  • Discovering and creating your own kingdom ecosystem
  • Discovering untapped potential based on the message God has given you (Addressing income sources and streams)


Module 3: Execute Your Kingdom Brand

Week 4

  • Developing your kingdom platform/Developing your kingdom marketing plan to divinely connect your ecosystem with your audience
  • Structuring your kingdom marketing plan which will address:
    • Setting objectives
    • Developing your promotional & communications plan inclusive of public relations activities & digital media
    • Developing your sales plan to help you sell more books (Leveraging the Amazon algorithms to sell more books - The Best-Seller Model)
    • Visual branding (fonts, colors, design)
    • Relationship marketing & mailing list development
    • Developing your budget
    • Developing your execution timelines
    • Monitoring marketing effectiveness
    • And more!


Module 4: Create & Execute The Movement God Has Placed In You

Week 5

  • Analyzing the term "Global Impact"
  • Maintaining brand consistency
  • Understanding what it really mean to create a movement with your brand as an author
  • Gaining the confidence to execute according to God's word
  • The Role of The Holy Spirit & Angels In The Movement
Module 5: Develop Your Speaker Brand
Week 6
  • Analyzing the author's written and the spoken voice
  • Using your message to become a motivational speaker with global influence
  • Creating your speaker's kit
What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”
– Nelson Mandela



  • Watch the pre-course video series before starting the course
  • Complete the Birthing Your Purpose short audio course
  • Complete your message discovery map
  • Be an author or upcoming author by the end of 2022
  • Be committed to becoming all that God has called you to be
  • Have an open mind to know what God wants from you as an author
  • See yourself as more than an author but rather an authority figure in your area of experience
  • Be dedicated to doing all that it takes to implement all that you learn in order to develop a powerful kingdom brand that translates into a life-transformational movement.
  • Have a notepad and pen for note takng during the course

Along with the classes you will receive your:

  • Kingdom Branding With Confidence Workbook (including a Transformational Movement Creation Template)
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the course
  • Access to the Author Elevation Visibility Package* which includes:
    • One (1) page feature in one of the 2022 Divine Purpose Magazine's quarterly issues
    • One (1) 45-min author brand elevation 1-on-1 session with Vicki
    • Your own four (4) page mini-mag feature published by Divine Purpose Publishing and emailed to over 1,000 Christians
    • One kindle book promo ($0.00 - $2.99) to 8,000 Christians in the USA
    • One 15-min author interview on Divine Purpose TV (YouTube Channel)
  • One-page marketing plan template
  • One "I Am Building A Kingdom Brand...Transforming Lives Globally" social media graphic with your executive photo
* Special conditions apply. All these activities must also be completed in 2022.
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When is the Course Happening:

Every Saturday, beginning Jan 29, 2022 @ 11 AM AST / 4 PM WAT  (Sign up below)

Personal Investment

$899 USD

(Please note that a payment plan is available - Email purposeacademy@vickiotaruyina.com for more information on the payment plan options)

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Meet Vicki

Vicki L. Otaruyina is an international speaker and author of 9 Christian books to date. Her latest work is Every Christian Author Must Begin Here; a book which reveals 10 Messages From God That Will Help You Become The Author He Created You To Be. This book will be published in October 2021.

In 2019 after writing 9 books, Vicki's brand  "Overcome & Soar (In Every Area of Your Life)" was birthed. This saw the beginning of a movement which today includes the establishment of the coaching brand, video series, online seminars, virtual talks, masterclasses, courses, a speaking brand and other projects that are now impacting lives around the world. All activities are designed to help person overcome and soar in every area of their lives.

Vicki is a certified purpose coach, CEO of Divine Purpose Coaching and the Chief Strategist of Effective Marketing Solutions. She is also the Editor-In-Chief of Divine Purpose Magazine, a movement designed to bridge the gap between persons and their God-given purpose.

With an MSc in Marketing and over 16 years of international experience in the field of strategic marketing, Vicki has created a strategic edge that sets her clients apart from the rest.

Vicki is a firm believer in the "blue ocean strategy" which outlines that competition is irrelevant in business and promotes the establishment of a differentiation strategy where one seeks to dominate and swim alone in uncharted waters. This strategy fuels her desire to help her clients pursue their uniqueness through discovering their peak potential and ultimately developing brands which promote their God-given purpose.

As a kingdom business woman, Vicki is able to share this strategy with her clients to help them build unique kingdom brands which communicate heaven's great message through their lives, ministries and/or business.

With her experience over the years and her knowledge gained through her MSc. Marketing and through her research studies, she is able to guide persons on how to develop outstanding and effective brands with long-lasting impact on the audiences they serve.